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Pour afficher l'aide, il faut appeler Silkaj sans argument :

$ ./silkaj

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Silkaj: command line Duniter client     
help: -h, --help, --usage     
version: -v, --version     
Custom endpoint with option `-p` and <domain>:<port>    
 - info: Display information about currency     
 - amount: Get amount of one account     
      --auth-scrypt [script parameters -n <N> -r <r> -p <p>] (default: 4096,16,1)    
      --auth-seed | --auth-file [--file=<path file>] | --auth-wif    
 - transaction: Send transaction    
     - authentication:    
         --auth-scrypt [script parameters -n <N> -r <r> -p <p>] (default: 4096,16,1)    
         --auth-seed | --auth-file [--file=<path file>] | --auth-wif    
     - amount:    
         --amountDU=<relative value> | --amount=<quantitative value>    
     --output=<public key>[:checksum]     
     [--outputBackChange=<public key[:checksum]>]     
     [-y | --yes], don't ask for prompt confirmation     
 - network: Display current network with many information     
      [--discover]     Discover all network (could take a while), optional     
      [-s | --sort]     Sort column names comma-separated (for example "-s block,diffi"), optional     
                       Default sort is block,member,diffi,uid     
 - diffi: list proof-of-work difficulty to generate next block     
 - issuers n: display last n issuers (`0` for all blockchain)     
      last issuers are displayed under n <= 30.    
      To force display last ones, use `--last` option    
 - argos: display currency information formated for Argos or BitBar    
 - generate_auth_file: Generate file to store the seed of the account    
      --auth-scrypt [script parameters -n <N> -r <r> -p <p>] (default: 4096,16,1)    
      --auth-seed | --auth-file [--file=<path file>] | --auth-wif    
 - id <pubkey> or <identity>: get corresponding identity or pubkey from pubkey or identity.    
      it could autocomplete the pubkey corresponding to an identity with three or four following characters.
$ ./silkaj info
Requested default node: <duniter.org:10901>
Connected to node: duniter.org 10901 
Current block number: 71346 
Currency name: g1 
Number of members: 451 
Minimal Proof-of-Work: 87 
Current time: 2017-11-21 22:00:39 
Median time: 2017-11-21 21:10:37 
Difference time: 50:02 
Number of blocks containing:      
- new comers: 350 
- Certifications: 1145 
- Actives (members updating their membership): 15 
- Leavers: 0 
- Excluded: 2 
- UD created: 260 
- transactions: 2384


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